Wednesday, 12 November 2014


 It is called SEXY MUSK but really there is nothing sexy about it...if you have more than one drink/ It is more like a lethal weapon. I have renamed this drink CACR+TUS ROSE (that should read CACTUS) but some of us have been rendered totally useless (you dont know how many times I reteyped useless) by the seemingly harmless lolly water held beforeyou. What is worse is I gave this drink to my mother and two aunts (all seniors or advanced in years but young at heart, they enjoyed it but I could see the effects on them quite quickly. It tastes like lolly water, musk and sugar would be the cause of this and has a grand kick cause of the vodka disguised as a refreshing drink on another hot Adelaide day.
So that was the start to my dinner held in honor of my aunt visiting from Holland. Besides being fed wonderful food (by yours truly...and may I say I excelled as a cook for once..this is not always the case) I plied them with a selection of champagne (Willy wagtail by Longvalley Winery..super delicious) white, red and dessert wine..well let me say those gals handle themselves pretty well! Dad refused to drink altogether even though I had bought some brandy for him. He was behaving because he is visiting the eye specialist tomorrow.  SO i AM TOTOALLY STUFFED . CANT SPELL AND WILL LEAVE THIS SPACE TO MAKE ANOTHER GRAND ENTRANCE WHEN i HAVE SOMETHING USEFUL TO TELL . cHEERS ONE AND ALL!


  1. Wow! Wait a minute here!
    You leave me with a lot of questions.
    What has drinking to do with going to the eye specialist? Do you really have a Dutch aunt and (that would explain why you can read my Dutch blogposts so well). Ad why would you change a perfectly good name (sexy musk sounds great) into something less sexy? How do you get totally stuffed by having all this drinnks? Sounds like a really cool party you gave there. I don't care so much about food, but I do love all kinds of drinks. Seems like your place would have been the place to be for me yesterday. And is Willy Wagtail a genuine name of champagne?
    As a matter of fact, I like you this way: in spelling incorrectly, you look more like me :) and you certainly don't have to worry about making a grand entrance. This entrance was huge to me!

    Now take some rest and behave!

    Brigitte (I SO have to work for school, procrastination is the thief of time :( )

  2. So how's your head this morning?? You are too, too funny. If ever the professional life of caring for sick and infirmed souls doesn't appeal anymore, there is always the possibility of employment behind the bar!


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