Saturday, 8 November 2014

A Rose By Any Other Name.

I cant imagine anybody not liking roses and I assume that if you have scrolled down this far you dont mind them yourself. Pierre De Ronsard are one of my favourites. Although they dont make great cutting flowers, their display each year gives me a lot of joy. Big heavy balls of pink flush the fence line with beauty each year at this time. I love the way the petals are bunched together, layer upon layer to form such heavy heads.
With that circular tight formation I have utilised the scraps from the "soul searching quilt" - well the pink, green and white ones at least, to make my own stitch and flip flower head.
As you see, I haven't as yet finished the binding - i am trying decide whether to piece more flowers from the other scraps and make a larger quilt or just make a wall hanging out of this one. What do you think?


  1. Definitely a few more of your gorgeous flowers to make a larger quilt. I have a Pierre De Ronsard as well, They are an exquisite are your photos, Monique!

  2. I agree with Kim, a quilt it has to be for sure.

    To be honest, I think wall hanging patch work is rather for the elderly women (I hope I don't offend you by saying this, I don't know whether you've got already some of them hanging in your house, sorry, if that should be the case) As long as you are young (and I hope that is what we still are) our houses have to be filled with paintings and frresh fllowers, preferably Pierre De Ronsards. :) You know that Ronsard is a French poet of the 16th century? Untill today I didn't know it is a rose as well.


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