Thursday, 20 November 2014

Snowflake Ballerina

Following the theme of snowflakes I googled snowflake ballerinas and found Krokotak's beautiful designs to continue the theme for the ward Christmas decorations.
I made one more figure in similar design of a ballerina leaping but there are 3 downloadables to be found here if you wish to make your own.
I'll show you a pile of other ballerinas when I have hung them up on the ward next week

I really love this reverse image and think I will make some birthday cards from it.

Speaking of lovely things I squealed with delight when we stopped out the front of my girlfriends house and saw all her lovely lilies in bloom I have taken lots of photos shortly after a drizzling rain..the sun is back out again and the general climate is muggy, but the flowers appear to love it.
I have threatened to sneak back tonight and steal her way of saying they look lovely.. I took photos instead.

What an unusual hibiscus

 Even the garlic flowers look beautiful


  1. I love your snowflake ballerina! I love seeing your weather completely opposite to mine.

  2. You will be inundated with the sick and infirmed just for a chance to see your prettily decorated ward! I love this snowflake balletrina.Those lilies are gorgeous....couldn't you pinch just one!

  3. Pretty ballerina and very pretty flowers as well.

    You made me curious about the painting that you made and that looks like my guirlande in the garden. Did you make a blogpost about it?


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