Friday, 26 September 2014

Wreath finish

A finish on the wreath. The glass beads caught the light and have given a halo effect. If I took a photo in dimmer light the whole wreath became too dull

 Against a red wall and white wall. The white wall photo is taken side on so that you don't see my shadow

Everything is wired on except for the poppy heads - those I applied the hot glue gun to.A combination of beads clay flowers,crochet flowers and clay snow flakes.

I bought this basket yesterday for five dollars. The inside needs work and will be getting a makeover, inspired by this talented girl Kim at Sarah Lizzies and her basket makeover. Mine of course wont be as pretty because I will be sticking to stronger colours on the basket. See the big bead necklace and bangles in the front of the photo- op shopped today $8 the lot - will be pulling them apart, if I have the heart - to make clay hangers for Christmas.

Two new milk ware pieces - the bell is a avon perfume bottle and the goblet I think is Fenton ware as the glass is that lovely creamy colour and feel of Fenton ware (but I cant be sure) Doesnt matter I like it ! The embroidered doily purchased to make a purse with (yeh I dont have to do the embroidery for a change) The blue jug , Villeroy and Boch , I was going to buy but it has a chip at the pourer/spout so I went to put it back on the shelf ..and then the volunteer at the shop then said I could have it!

The tapestry also bought $4 to make a bag with. And I bought a whole lot of new zippers for next to nix (nothing)

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Wreath making

I am currently working on a wreath for Christmas or spring?? Which ever way it will be a fairly cheery affair with lots of bibs and bobs added. I decided to utilise the card of crochet flowers that Julie from Little Woollie added into my yarny win. I have started to make some of my own now but first i had to wind all that yarn into balls so that they wouldn't tangle..Let me say that took considerable time.
I have been raiding my craft box and am utilising a lot of bits that are left over from other projects (although I  have purchase more clay to make extra yellow really is a vicious cycle..utilise the left overs from one project and you have to make more to finish the next- I will have leftovers from this project and it will start all over again! Oh stop whining -  you know you love it! Tomorrow I might show you the sewing basket and other goodies I picked up in the op shop. Toodle Pips, see you soon.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Hummingbird stamp

I spent a little time printing on Saturday . Repetition work with the Hummingbird stamp and Kim's flower stamp. I managed to print about 1 1/2 meters of material only dropping a stamp once (that really makes me cringe when I do that. generally it means you have to stamp so much more material if you have a specific purpose  in mind...which I did. I thought I would produce some nice bright summer cushions in orange and had sourced some orange pompom trim (not easy to find) to edge the cushions

And next project is to make up some dragonfly cushions from this print, an old lino print I made a few years ago.

Gifts from Little Woolie

It's not very often I enter competitions but every now and then the whim takes me, especially if lush vibrant colours are involved and may inspire crafty pursuits. So when I saw Julie from Little Woollie  competition for a yarn giveaway I had to join in. And I am so glad I did.

I have received some exceptionally nice yarny goodness in jewel colours of the softest feel....they are really lovely! And not only did I received three skanes of pima cottons but Juli threw in a few special extras....LOVE my new face washer in tapestry crochet and some cute little crochet flowers which are going to be utilised on a spring wreath I think, and a couple of little tapes.
Feeling a little special!

If you love this tapestry washcloth Jules has kindly written up some patterns for different designs here but if I was you I would spend some time trolling through her previous blog posts as there is much to admire and inspire crafty little fingers or even just for an injection of colour love

When I found out I had won I went to Julie's shop to check out some other colours and of course I bought a few. My idea is to use the cottons to make another wheel scarf but in a lighter feel and maybe a few toys and maybe a few flowers to make my spring wreath. Well I think that will keep me busy for the next few months.

I love the little details that make my little purchase feel like a gift . Thanks Julie! xx

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Spoke Wheel Scarf

Today a  drive to Strathablyn to take a few photographs of the completed spoke wheel flower scarf (finally) with my girlfriend Julianne and a spot of antique shopping as well.
What a beautiful sunny day and such brilliant light. We spotted the lovely purple haze of the salvation Jane on the hillside and thought it would make a good spot to take photos. I really wanted to hang the scarf from one of the barren branches at a distance but was impeded by barbed wire on the fencing. The last time I climbed barbed wire I ended up ripping my jeans straight up the backside, so instead I utilised the fence.

Further down the road and another flush of purple attracts attention and not at all difficult to get at.

My friend Julianne styling the scarf very well indeed!

I really do not like to be photographed.

A great ball of sun on the way down over the hills (photographed by Julianne)

Such a lovely sun filled day and a few nice antique shops visited too. I didn't buy anything but Julianne found some TG Green cornishware to add to her collection.

Friday, 19 September 2014

175 Years - Royal Adelaide Show -2014

The Royal Adelaide Show celebrated 175 years this year and as part of the celebrations every child born this year in South Australia will be able to enter the show free for the rest of their lives.
The Clowns were not surprised by this at all !

It was a lovely colourful show as usual with great displays and crafts to view

As usual I was drawn to the basketry and am still contemplating joining the association - the only thing that mars this is that open on days I am at

I couldn't find the pumpkin display this year- only gourds and squashes on this table.

The scarecrow display has grown this year - made by the primary schools of Adelaide

edible treats to admire

Rides I do not desire to ride on...I did this one a few years ago and was terrified I was going to fall out with only a thin chain holding you in the seat. Normally I like rides that toss you around but this one made me feel very insecure.

The ugly and the cute

Lovely light at sunset reflected off the rides

And a sad tribute at show to the young 8 year old whom died after being thrown from the Air Max 360 ride whilst holidaying in Adelaide.  People were dropping off their prizes won from the sideshows at the foot of the ride in a sorrowful gesture. A horrifying and sad event for all involved.