Friday, 19 September 2014

175 Years - Royal Adelaide Show -2014

The Royal Adelaide Show celebrated 175 years this year and as part of the celebrations every child born this year in South Australia will be able to enter the show free for the rest of their lives.
The Clowns were not surprised by this at all !

It was a lovely colourful show as usual with great displays and crafts to view

As usual I was drawn to the basketry and am still contemplating joining the association - the only thing that mars this is that open on days I am at

I couldn't find the pumpkin display this year- only gourds and squashes on this table.

The scarecrow display has grown this year - made by the primary schools of Adelaide

edible treats to admire

Rides I do not desire to ride on...I did this one a few years ago and was terrified I was going to fall out with only a thin chain holding you in the seat. Normally I like rides that toss you around but this one made me feel very insecure.

The ugly and the cute

Lovely light at sunset reflected off the rides

And a sad tribute at show to the young 8 year old whom died after being thrown from the Air Max 360 ride whilst holidaying in Adelaide.  People were dropping off their prizes won from the sideshows at the foot of the ride in a sorrowful gesture. A horrifying and sad event for all involved.


  1. The pictures of the rides in the Sunshine are quite impressive. So glorious!

    I have been trying to discover what is in the heap in the last picture in the right bottom. Is it rubbish? Or something else that has been thrown away?

    Pink lady is my favourite kind of apple. We have them here as well, they come by plane to our little country.
    I am trying to visualise how they are grown. Is it in orchards? Do you have many of them?

    1. The heap in the last picture are all the sideshow toys being placed at the foot of the ride in tribute (like a floral tribute) to the little girl whom lost her life

      Apples grown in orchards mainly on the Riverland- 100-200 km away from where I live...along the Murray River...our main river for the state.

  2. Shows are always filled with spectacular colour and interest. Love the basketry chair filled with those gorgeous cushions. I too, can never resist a basket or two.


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