Thursday, 18 September 2014


Warning, this is a heavily laden quilt fest photography session. 

I think that I tried to capture aspects of the quilt through the vision of other items, so that your eye might be drawn to the quilt as a secondary detail. Really it has just become a backdrop so that you can focus on the lovely aspects of my garden (including my rotting old fence, which features once again. May I say that I am becoming attached to my rotting fence as it has become a desirous object to be photographed  and offers interesting perspective when looking at it through the eye  of the lens). The pomegranates are beautiful still- they have been dangling from those branches for months and I am surprised the possums haven't knocked them off.

I completed the quilting over a two day period and found that walking after sitting for such long periods of time at the machine was near impossible - My back was killing me. It is the first quilt that I have completed with free motion quilting and overall I love the effect (But my quilting has a lot to be desired.)  As with all things it takes regular practise to become good

Anyway enjoy the photography and I am happy to have finished the quilt and send it off to the new mum Katie whom I hear has a beautiful little son

You've survived to the end! Well done :)
I have  lots of photos from the Royal Show to show you tomorrow (or whenever I collate them) so please drop back again soon! Cheers and stay well.


  1. Your photos are always a visual feast and so very creative! Each photo provides so much interest to the eyes Your zig zag quilt is lovely. Love the fabrics you have chosen. Love the does take on the bearing of Qasimodo after long stints of free motion quilting. Such a lovely quilt for a new born baby; Katie is going to love it!

  2. Loved your photos and the pomegranates. I have a very small plant and can't wait till it fruits

  3. This zig zag quilt is SO sweet. Amazing. At first I thought it to be terribly difficult to make, but later on I noticed that you used triangles all the time and just put them together upside down. So clever! I would never have tried it that way but now I am sure going to.

    Your pictures are wonderful, as ever. I Always enjoy visiting 'Monique's mess" ever so much.

    A propos, you mentioned my getting a speeding fine. But I am afraid you lost me in translation there. I was just speaking metaphorically saying I have so many things to do that I am rushing through my life and work and that it feels like I ought to get a fine for going too fast :). No real fine (yet). Thank god for that.

  4. What a gorgeous quilt! And I just LOVE your photography!

    1. Thanks Linda, sometimes taking the photographs is the best fun!

  5. Beautiful pics! I love your poofy chevrons

  6. Thanks Heather, the chevrons really do stand out with all that quilting in the white spaces. I dont think my back could have tolerated another day of sitting at the machine if I had decided to quilt the coloured zigzags as well and Katie would be waiting a lot longer for the quilt as well! Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Looks fantastic! Your photos are great - we don't grow pomegranates down here in the deep south of New Zealand so it is cool to see them in the photos (I wouldn't have a clue if we grow them anywhere here but am guessing the warmer areas can grow them).


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