Friday, 26 September 2014

Wreath finish

A finish on the wreath. The glass beads caught the light and have given a halo effect. If I took a photo in dimmer light the whole wreath became too dull

 Against a red wall and white wall. The white wall photo is taken side on so that you don't see my shadow

Everything is wired on except for the poppy heads - those I applied the hot glue gun to.A combination of beads clay flowers,crochet flowers and clay snow flakes.

I bought this basket yesterday for five dollars. The inside needs work and will be getting a makeover, inspired by this talented girl Kim at Sarah Lizzies and her basket makeover. Mine of course wont be as pretty because I will be sticking to stronger colours on the basket. See the big bead necklace and bangles in the front of the photo- op shopped today $8 the lot - will be pulling them apart, if I have the heart - to make clay hangers for Christmas.

Two new milk ware pieces - the bell is a avon perfume bottle and the goblet I think is Fenton ware as the glass is that lovely creamy colour and feel of Fenton ware (but I cant be sure) Doesnt matter I like it ! The embroidered doily purchased to make a purse with (yeh I dont have to do the embroidery for a change) The blue jug , Villeroy and Boch , I was going to buy but it has a chip at the pourer/spout so I went to put it back on the shelf ..and then the volunteer at the shop then said I could have it!

The tapestry also bought $4 to make a bag with. And I bought a whole lot of new zippers for next to nix (nothing)


  1. The wreath is stunning. The shine of the pearls really sets it off.
    Great op-shop finds too. Yes the goblet looks like a Fenton. x

    1. Thanks Zara, Ill take your word on the Fenton as you have the ultimate collection of milk ware. :)

  2. Your wreath is wonderful.
    The beads catch the light in a fantastic way. The pictures are great. did you make a lot of them, Do you also have a feeling of adrenaline when you are at it? Me, I cannot stop at all when taking pictures..

    The last one is really really shiny and lovely.

    Makes me think of a wreath I made myself:

    Only yours is SO much more prettyi

  3. Oh my didn't you bag some treasures! I am quite certain that your basket will be just as spiffy as mine, if not more, ma dear! The basket is fantastic. Did you really get the tapestry for $2.50; now that is a steal! Your wreath is quite gorgeous. Isn't it amazing how a different coloured background brings out the variances of the hues. All in all you have had a very successful op shop outing!

    1. Hi Kim, for now the basket is going on the back burner for a time when I have less to do. In the mean time I will probably fill it threads and when the time is right toss it all out and start making repairs. I can not for the life of me find the stitched doily and tapestry ( i have no idea where I put them, hopefully I didn't toss them out when I cleaned out my cupboard). Im sure I will find them later. Oh well . Hope all is well x


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