Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Playing with Palette Builder

Having made a mosaic in the form of the  kaleidoscope of materials reminded me of the palette builder tool that can be found on play crafts. So I went back for a visit and had a play with some recent photographs. The link address is here at Palette Builder 2.1

In the scrub

In the backyard..lovely blossoms and a limited palette

Beach pebbles

My mossy and rotting fence

At the beach-Willunga


  1. I love all of your colour combinations,
    but most of all I am genuinely fond of your mossy rotting fence (NO metaphor :) , my daughter keeps on asking me every time I mention something with "MY" in it , whether I am using it metaphorically or just literary, she has had too much imagination all of her life!)

    It is SO amazing that in the picture of the beach pebbles really all the colours of the pebbles, match with the scheme. Quite fasscinating.
    I am certainly going to try out your link above.

    Do you use it for your work?

  2. It's incredible how a photo can conjure up so many varying colours and tones within the palette builder. Love, love, love the photo of the rocks....beautiful in it's simplicity.


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