Sunday, 5 April 2015

Sophie Digard Fan

Anybody who loves crochet then must be a fan of Sophie Digard. I first came across her work on instagram after following a Vintage Haberdashery store - Lucello melbourne
If you care to google Sophie Digard you will be treated to image after image of her wonderful work in the most amazing colour combinations and thread. Below are just a few to tempt.

Sophie Digard Linen Scarf

Image result for sophie digard


Anyway being so in love with her work and not having the purse to purchase her product (wish) I thought I would attempt my own interpretation of her inspiring work, The beginnings .... as follows
From one small bloom many grow.

My original thought was to make a scarf but now my thinking is trending towards a bag .... the wool used is perhaps a little too thick for a scarf. Anyway I am enjoying the process and loving the use of colour again!
Happy Easter!

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  1. Hi Monique,

    These pictures are even more beautiful than the ones on IG.
    Lovely blooms.
    Funny that you first wanted to make a shawl and are now thinking "bagswise".
    wasn't there a very clever person on IG who suggested it would make a very pretty shopping basket? (was looking for the word "bag" but it didn't spring into mind at the time)

    Sophie Digard is new to me, have to look her up immediately!

    Have a nice Easter, Monique! Here it is Easter evening. I never seem to get it right. Are you in time "before" or 'after" us here in Belgium? In other words: is Easter already done with, or still to come?


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