Saturday, 25 April 2015

Mount Lofty - A Spectacular Walk

So I am back !
You didn't know I was was gone except  for the lull in blogging. 

Actually i have been off holidaying in Queensland over the past two weeks and have tons of photos for you.
But I decided to tackle this chronologically and not save the best till last.
The day before we left for Queensland Jordy and friend Sophie went for a walk up to Mount Lofty summit. I originally intended  on sitting in the car and crocheting the flower blanket so I didn't dress to hike. Nothing like making last minute decisions.

On the spur of the moment I thought I might do a short walk but once you start out you just cant help yourself and keep going. Jordy and friend raced ahead, as youth do,  and left me to amble along in my inappropriate footwear. Let me say that I am not the worlds healthiest specimen  but if I actually had decent footwear I might have enjoyed the walk more (particularly the later half when my feet were really killing me) The girls actually thought I was lost! Lost in my photography journey!

Now I have to warn you that I took a lot of photos but there are some really beautiful shots... I cant believe I am going to say this but this is the first time I have done the walk to Mount Lofty summit from Waterfall Gully = I have always thought I might do it but didn't know where the walk started and never really bothered to find out - Oh what I have been missing!

Hope you enjoy.

The beginning of the walk  and a steep incline up the side of the waterfall. I managed to capture a photo of Sophie and Jordana and then they were gone! Boy I must be stimulating company. But I must be grateful for my alone time.  as the slow walking and quiet allowed me to capture nature at its best. They (the girls) saw the brightly coloured parrot and nothing else. I am  surprised I saw so much as the path is very popular with people training (so many people run this path - OMG where do they get the energy???) But the wildlife must have built up a certain amount of tolerance to the human traffic that passes every day.

I almost feel guilty for including this shot because this really is a photo laden post and really I have culled half the photos I took that day. Yes I could be more selective but I trust you will enjoy the visual beauty of nature as much as I do.

Looking down the face of the waterfall - check out the height of the pine tree - skinny and very talllllll !

Looking back down the path towards Adelaide - still relatively early in the walk - and yes I am already exhausted from the steep incline!

Now I've told you before but a lot of Australian animals capture you by surprise. Half the time the only reason I notice them at all is because of movement.   How well do these guys fit into the bush?

Can you see me?

A little further up the hill and a completely different undergrowth.

The view from the top/ Looking out over Adelaide and the flats below. I am so glad there is a coffee shop at  the top of the mount.... a little rest was good for the feet!
The way down was slower and harder in my shoes... but less speed means more photos for you to enjoy!

I was so lucky to capture this little blue beauty. always on the move and doesn't stay still for long.

I am going to apologise now for not knowing the names of the birds but will try to find out before I next venture to Mount Lofty (maybe this week - still have some holiday time...all depends on how my purple toe feels about it.. another story!)

How gorgeous is this bird? And how well does it blend into its surroundings..the wonders of nature.

This is a small bandicoot

Another well disguised critter, quite happy to wander across the path not to far from three on looking humans. He didn't stop to have a chat , but he wasn't in any hurry to get home either!

A schitish mouse (marsupial) very shy and hid at the first sound of noise. But stay still long enough, would venture out to flit across this log only to hide again at the first sound of movement.

Love the colours of the day.

Thanks for joining me on this bush walk - all 3.9 kilometers up and the same back - but each way brings a different view.


  1. Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing them.

    1. Hi Marly, glad you enjoyed them, drop back during the week when I've had a little more time to collate my Queensland visit...totally different aspect to Australia bushland. Cheers. Monique

  2. Thanks for guiding me trough the bush together with you. So many beautiful creatures and indeed so blend in in nature. I love the way the kangaroo and the bandicoot are almost invisible and I think you sometimes are startled by their sudden movements. I would shriek out I guess.

    As I am a birdlover myself I am absolutely fond of the two little birds you showed us: the blue little fellow and the yellow one. so gorgeous!

    I am glad you are back (missed your blogposts)

    Hope you had a nice holiday.

    By the way; Jordana is a beautiful name. :)
    Have a nice weekend,


    1. Hi Brigitte, glad to be home but miss the warmth of Queensland and the daily surf and walks along the beach. Loving the work you have been doing on your crochet blanket- you always surround yourself in colour. i see you have already made a cushion from the poppy tapestry, very appropriate for ANZAC day here in Australia.
      Speak soon. Cheers Monique

  3. thank you for the photos! I love the panoramic view the bestest although that wee bird is quite awesome. Looks like you had fun :)

    1. Hi Karen.. it was a lovely day one that I intend on soon repeating although my holidays are almost over...back to work for one week and then another week holiday, strange I know but my husband is travelling overseas for work and asked if I wished to join him (leave the children at home to fend for themselves) its only a few days but I wont say no to the chance of travel :)


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