Monday, 28 September 2015

The last rays

I went for a mosey over the hill 2 nights ago (it takes that long for me to upload all my photos on the computer in between my work commitments) and when I say mosey, I mean it was a really slow climb up the hill. My airways didn't appreciate the extra labour I put on them and caused me to audibly wheeze on the climb. A little upper airways spasm which settled on more even ground. It was just on sunset and the llight changes so quickly with every turn . I am particularly drawn to the skeletal forms of trees burnt last summer in the afterglow of the day.

Even the weeds looked pretty with tiny budding flowers

The wild fennel lush and green with new fronds packing the undergrowth

Yellow weeds adorn the path and compliment the warm glow of light bathing the hillside.

The little bird well camouflaged in the twiggy mess was difficult to capture, never staying still for long and shying from movement.

Just in time for Halloween, a dark and sinister looking this dull light at least.

Towards the ocean the sky is more brilliantly coloured despite the sun having disappeared already.

I took some shots of down the hill towards the city and actually like my movement shots more than the still lights - just a bit of fun.

Have a great day and may it finish with calming skies of brilliant colour. X Mon

Friday, 18 September 2015

Tapestry Pillows and a few birds

 Yesterday I riffled through my cupboard and decided it was time to sew up these little beauties. The 3 tapestries have been hiding for some years, purchased in an op shop and tossed aside for another day. Well finally that day has come. I bought them attached by staples to a piece of cardboard with the barest of margins to spare for sewing. Out comes the overlocker to trim up the very frayed edges and then a selection of four cream prints for a patchworked border. The backing is linen with only a 13cm zip...big enough to get a hand through to stuff the cushion with fibre fill.  I then proceeded to blanket stitch around the edge...many hours later a crochet border began. I love the coral pink colour of the cotton. A finish of all three just before the sun hides it head for another day. The light always appears strong and throws tall shadows when the sun begins to hang his hat up for the evening.

Winter has been kind to the weeds, they make a magnificent display on the hillside

Cushions for sale in shop

Crochet Cushion in Purple

12 weeks ago I hand dyed some wool using purple carrots. When one dyes (that being me) one does not always have a purpose in mind. I love to potter and tinker with pots and plants and brew. I am always on the lookout for wool ball ends in the op shops...but have noticed lately that it is cheaper to buy a whole ball of natural wool when on special and then you are guaranteed no moths visiting with the wool.

Diving into my bag of dyed wool oddments  I decided to go with this pattern .
It was a pick up and put down ordeal, and progress was slow. (It doesn't help the creative side of me to function if I am working full time) 

So eventually we got to a stage of it being big enough for a cushion.
I started the edging following the pattern and did not like it, so instead made my own up.
This is the  underside (wrongside) of the crochet

 A closer look at the trim.

 And one completed cushion

Natural wool dyes in pomegranate, purple carrot, acorn, eucalyptus, and berries

Cushion for sale in shop

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Enlightenment when it comes to craft

Before I start this digression I will share with you that I have guzzled a few drinks. No I am not totally  inebriated but have loosed the capacity to share  my thoughts  unimbibed .
 So here it goes... my very little tirade on the progression of sharing  on the internet.
To all those lovely people that go to the trouble of sharing their lovely finish, their accomplishment in the skill of sewing , tapestry, card making, embellishment or whatever...When you have completed your project PLEASE grant yourself the time to go on an adventure, and PLEASE take us all with you, photograph that little journey to pieces and then present it to us all in all its grandeur because frankly I am bored to pieces with a quilt thrown on the ground in bad light with no WOW ....BORED BORED BORED ..and it doesn't really matter how much time you spent preparing your wonderful piece...if you cant be bothered preparing your presentation then I am going to hit the snooze button and whiz right by....where if you put in some effort I will definitely give a positive comment.... JUST SAYING..,.. am I right? or am I just being too hard?
SO enlightening me with your talent but show me the talent that will enlighten me

Friday, 11 September 2015

Applique Tea Towels

  I have been buying up on cheap tea towels and today made an effort to  nudge a dent  in the pile with some applique. The towels are non discript in colour and need a little jazzing up.  I'm gearing up for the Christmas stall at craft. Basically you sell off your produce fairly cheaply, really just enough to make your money back on costs. This little group of towels took all afternoon to cut out and applique.
Sadly I had to photograph them with a flash as the sun has disappeared for the evening.
I've pilfered ideas off the internet. This little line of flags is my version of one I saw where a needle and thread made up the line.


 Birds making a cup of tea

Birds on a bough

and a cockatiel type of bird (two ways) by me. This one is a little odd shaped...but what can you do? once that fabric is ironed in place its there to stay.