Saturday, 12 September 2015

Enlightenment when it comes to craft

Before I start this digression I will share with you that I have guzzled a few drinks. No I am not totally  inebriated but have loosed the capacity to share  my thoughts  unimbibed .
 So here it goes... my very little tirade on the progression of sharing  on the internet.
To all those lovely people that go to the trouble of sharing their lovely finish, their accomplishment in the skill of sewing , tapestry, card making, embellishment or whatever...When you have completed your project PLEASE grant yourself the time to go on an adventure, and PLEASE take us all with you, photograph that little journey to pieces and then present it to us all in all its grandeur because frankly I am bored to pieces with a quilt thrown on the ground in bad light with no WOW ....BORED BORED BORED ..and it doesn't really matter how much time you spent preparing your wonderful piece...if you cant be bothered preparing your presentation then I am going to hit the snooze button and whiz right by....where if you put in some effort I will definitely give a positive comment.... JUST SAYING..,.. am I right? or am I just being too hard?
SO enlightening me with your talent but show me the talent that will enlighten me


  1. PS says she who photograhed everything in poor light the last forgiveness there!

  2. As I am a big fan of presentation I totally agree with you.
    But I am afraid that there are a whole bunch of people out there who haven 't got the faintest clue about how to put a nice/pretty arrangement together. Moreover: they neither have the right photo eye.
    When we are shown holiday pictures by our friends, I am always struck by the ugly points of view from which they are taken. It seems so easy to me but I guess we (you too perhaps) tend to over estimate that capacity in others.

    Conclusion: DO keep on posting your lovely, gorgeous pictures. I am totally devoted to them.
    Don't worry or fulminate about the others, too much effort. In stead you'd better make a beautiful arrangement yourself, AND in the right light, obviouslyūüėČ


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