Friday, 11 September 2015

Applique Tea Towels

  I have been buying up on cheap tea towels and today made an effort to  nudge a dent  in the pile with some applique. The towels are non discript in colour and need a little jazzing up.  I'm gearing up for the Christmas stall at craft. Basically you sell off your produce fairly cheaply, really just enough to make your money back on costs. This little group of towels took all afternoon to cut out and applique.
Sadly I had to photograph them with a flash as the sun has disappeared for the evening.
I've pilfered ideas off the internet. This little line of flags is my version of one I saw where a needle and thread made up the line.


 Birds making a cup of tea

Birds on a bough

and a cockatiel type of bird (two ways) by me. This one is a little odd shaped...but what can you do? once that fabric is ironed in place its there to stay.


  1. that is quite a clever idea. Hopefully I'll remember to tell my sister who sews....she would like to do this I think!

  2. Such pretty appliqué
    but boy,
    the light in your pictures sucks :) !


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