Saturday, 31 May 2014

May..the month that was

Its almost over ...So happy to have survived the month of intact !

We are well

I am pleased to say I'm back and my son has fully recovered from meningococcal bacteremia.

He had the initial flu like symptoms that I treated like any mother with whiny sons - gave him some panadol  and sent to bed. After a rocky night where he was obviously sick (he had headache which was quite severe- Clue number 1)  and a bit delirious he seemed to settle down and by all appearances sleeping... When I finally decided that he should have a drink and went to rouse him he lifted his head but had no real cognition and pupils were dilated. This alone was enough to cause me to be alarmed and advised my husband we needed to get him to hospital.

I initially thought we might be able to get him there ourselves but trying to get a 6"4 boy dressed  and his general state propelled us to call for an ambulance. Whilst they came I further noted a rash (Alarm bells!!) on his inner wrist which we notified the ambulance crew about...they were pretty quick to suspect meningococcal and called for backup from a senior and were able to administer antibiotics prior to transport to hospital.
Their quick thinking probably saved my sons life and at the minimum his limbs.

It didn't take long for the rash to become more pronounced and just goes to show progression of the illness can be very quick once it has taken hold.( the ambulance crew marked the rash with texta and within minutes it had progressed beyond the drawn line)  usually those that die from meningococcal are those that do not have family or friends looking out for them. If in doubt call for an ambulance..better to be told there is nothing to worry about than loose a limb or life.

We are very fortunate to live near a major hospital and the crew notified them on their soon to be patient. He spent a matter of five minutes in emerg before being whisked away to intensive care. Luckily he responded well to antibiotics and damage has been kept to a minimum. Even so, it is hard to watch your ventilated son and know that you won't know the effects/ damage of the illness until he is extubated. I was so scared he would relapse and that the course of antibiotics wasn't enough to keep the bacteria at bay. And may I say it is exhausting to spend all that time worrying- harder than going to work!

I am so thankful that we have such excellent health services in Australia and I pray that our government does not erode away at its core and essentially destroy a life saving service (budget cuts can cost lives). So a blanket thank you to all those whom participate in health care services and know that each day a family will find your efforts invaluable. Remember to treat the family as well as the patient, a hello and an identifier (who you are) can mean a lot to a worried family.

A big thankyou to all my lovely friends whom showed their concern and took the time to care.

Good health to all . xx

Tuesday, 27 May 2014


I know i've disappeared for a while. Initially it was just because I was back at work and had less time to spare but this past week we have dealt with a very  sick young man, who thankfully has pulled through his ordeal. My son has spent the better part of the week in intensive care, but we can look to a full recovery. Anyway this is to let you know I'll be back eventually but for now will give my undivided attention to my boy
Best of health to all xx

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Palette Builder

Whilst visiting Pretty Little Quilts I was pleased to find a source/ link to the colour palette tool that you see occasionally attached to photographs. Cristina talks about a lack of motivation in her sewing and also the "in the rut syndrome with colour" when trying to choose palettes for quilts. She has used this tool to draw from some of her favorite photos sources to gleen inspirational colour palettes - even in colours that she shies away from
I've just played around with some nature shots to see what palettes pop up. If you particularly want a focus on a colour you can move the focus dots to a different zone in your photo or you can click on the + button to add another colour focus in your photograph. (It is really simple - the hardest part is selecting a photograph)

There is also the option of retaining the colour palette tool to match up with Kona fabrics

I have purposely not included the direct link to the palette tool just so you will visit Cristine's blog and have a look at her gorgeous photos (click here to go to Pretty Little Quilts) Have fun playing with your photos.
 Joining in on Giveaway Day with and at accessewrizehandmade. giveaway-day-foxy-pleated-pouch.html

Monday, 12 May 2014

O'Halloran Hill Reserve and Charity Quilt No. 1

This rambling old house is situated in the O'Halloran Hill Reserve only a short drive from home. Since the last time I photographed the rainbow monkey quilt i had been looking for  a suitable place to photograph the next quilt but not quite so far from home. So I was pleasantly surprised to find this spot only a stones throw from home..I must have past this place a million times  but never really registered it being there. In fact I regularly walk the other side of the reserve which is divided by the expressway, so it limits movement across the whole of the reserve without crossing bridges or traffic.

This rambling house is right next to the main road and is really only a few steps away from a major road at peak hour but really feels like you are in another world when you cross the boundary by straddling the barbed wire fence. (Fortunately this time  my jeans managed to remain unscathed)

The days are getting shorter and the sun was already laying low across the hills casting long shadows but I love the play of light and the golden tones that the suns rays throw at this time of the day.

Check out the weedy growth on the top of the wall protruding up to the sky

Lots and lots of photos around and in the house...but I love the brick work and the colourings!
This one is taken from the inside looking out towards the road across the field.

Some old farm machinery abandoned in the paddock growth

And the old .. radiant in the sunshine

What a pleasant way to finish a day at work and then to"head to the hills" for a little peace and calm.
Oh and by the way that is charity quilt no. 1 finally finished. Lovely and bright ( there is plenty wrong with it but there is also plenty right about it!) The grammar is really bad I know but you get the picture

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Divided Basket and Completed Stitchery

At this very time in my garden i do not have one flower! How abysmal! There could be two reasons for this. One, I am a very poor gardener and two the weather has gotten  cooler and everything is dormant but green. So despite the lovely sunny sky I cant find one flower to utilise with this stitchery whilst photographing it. Lucky that there is a burst of spring from these blooms.
Instagram is great for aging photos dont you think?

I am very happy to say that the staining that was in the skirt has lifted with a little spray  (oxymagic) and the fabric has remained intact. You never know when you start washing old linen

And also completed is my divided basket utilising Noodlehead's pattern. I actually bought this pattern over half a year ago with the view to making baby baskets. I still will do that, but for now decided that I should stretch my legs and actually use my own fabric which I happily print but dont use enough of. 

I had to resew the lining as I was about 3cm out in sizing... who in their right mind uses 1/2" seam lines.. I know I have an eye for 1/4" seams and would have managed that fine but half inch and not measuring don't work for me. So the seam ripper got a little exercise for the first time in an eternity. Most of the time I would just sew another but I didn't want to waste material. The lining is a Beatrix Potter print..hence the rabbits hanging around the basket.. and the fact that I haven't as yet put away my Easter plates and paraphernalia. Slacker!

Can't decide if I will use this to make a bag or crochet around the edge and use it as a doily..mmm. I'm inclined towards the bag. But not today at least.

Friday, 2 May 2014

April - the Month that was

been there..done that.. tick it off ..Start again!


 I informed you last time you visited that I had toddled off to  Myponga,Yankalilla and Normanville for  a days outing with my friend whom was in much need of refreshment of her spirits. I told her I was going for a drive but really my ulterior motive was to drag her out and give her a day of pleasantness and wash the soul in happiness. I'm glad I took the time out to enjoy the day because the weather has now turned here and it is currently hailing followed by a torrential  down pour. The air actually feels icy and I am for the first time this year feeling the cold. I might even need two pairs of socks because despite the pair I have on my feet at present my tootsies feel frozen. Back in a jiffy!

I am now suitably dressed: two pair of sock, shoes and another jumper..I am too cheap to put the heating on just for myself. I also made a nice hot cup of tea and grabbed a couple of dry crackers to snack on...but when I opened the fridge I spied the banoffee pie I made last night and decided that being decadent and sinful was in order. The dog is consuming the crackers ... I dont want her to put on any more weight, I wish I was so kind to myself but I will enjoy my naughty indulgence despited the dog salivating next to me. If she doesn't start behaving herself I might toss her outside into the cold air.. how cruel! I really should join the Leyland brothers (Iconic Aussie travellers whom travelled the outback and filmed it well before being adventure bound was in vogue.. they dragged their spouses with them to live like pioneer women. Mike and Mal should be in the hall of fame!) because I have gone off the beaten track and am basically digressing. gord ! i'm like a chatty Cathy today! must be the sugar.

On the way out to the above mentioned towns we stopped off in Aldinga. (Most of these names have aboriginal origin except for Normanville- must have been some white settler of notoriety..anyway they are a mouthful to say I agree!). At Aldinga  we found the Heavenly op shop..yes it was named so I am not making it up because it had heavenly little vintage items that hadn't been pilfered by the marauding masses that go on a Sunday drive (I would be one of them except that I normally work every Sunday so do things like that on a week day off)  Well whilst out and about I spied with my beady little eyes these delightful stitcheries..luckily priced in my budget..if it's over $2 I'm to stingy to buy it.

The hollyhocks were purchased in Aldinga along with flowered tablecloth..mmm $3.. but I can see lots of uses for this as lining and patchwork if I can bear to cut it. The friends stitchery is one I did a long time ago, made a cushion which still is  in excellent nick but has been buried in the toy box (which never gets opened now..children are too old and I am too lazy to clean out) thinking of converting it into a shopping bag (one day)

The top two stitcheries below were purchased at craft from their market table. It  was part of a deceased estate from one of our elderly crafters whom gifted it to her friends and like minded souls at craft and the money raised from these purchases will go to the cancer council.

I couldnt bare to let the stitcheries remain incomplete so have decided to do them this holiday and then convert one or two of them into a purse as inspired by The Custards (please read this blog  post it is charming, entertaining shows generosity of spirit and is inspirational in deed and craft loveliness and is funny to boot!)

The crinoline lady  almost wasn't mine.. it wasn't a case of snatch and grab...the lady whom runs the market table at craft wanted a label for the back of quilt and I suggested using a completed stitchery and embroidering her details of the quilt off to the side.. whilst saying this I picked this stitchery up without really looking and handed it too her...gulp I really wanted to snatch it back. She must have taken it home and brought it back because yesterday there it was waiting for me to claim my prize. Sooo happy

The field of floweres had two perfectly embroidered flowers on it when I purchased it. Not having the colours to match I decided to spice it up and add a mix to the flowers. Four flowers seemed a bit spartan to me I added to the field of flowers ( I had trouble with one of the leaves but other than that am reasonably happy with the end result) I am now waiting for some purse handles to arrive in the post so I can make a little change purse

Does your floss box look like this? I do have some with them neatly wound round cards but I seem to have accrued a bounty of coloured threads in the last few months whilst op shopping. Buy it whilst it is cheap.
Finished the flowered field stitchery~!

I love this little lady..aah happy! Working on this now - what I started with...

Well off to do some stitching. Hoping its warm in your neck of the woods!