Friday, 2 May 2014


 I informed you last time you visited that I had toddled off to  Myponga,Yankalilla and Normanville for  a days outing with my friend whom was in much need of refreshment of her spirits. I told her I was going for a drive but really my ulterior motive was to drag her out and give her a day of pleasantness and wash the soul in happiness. I'm glad I took the time out to enjoy the day because the weather has now turned here and it is currently hailing followed by a torrential  down pour. The air actually feels icy and I am for the first time this year feeling the cold. I might even need two pairs of socks because despite the pair I have on my feet at present my tootsies feel frozen. Back in a jiffy!

I am now suitably dressed: two pair of sock, shoes and another jumper..I am too cheap to put the heating on just for myself. I also made a nice hot cup of tea and grabbed a couple of dry crackers to snack on...but when I opened the fridge I spied the banoffee pie I made last night and decided that being decadent and sinful was in order. The dog is consuming the crackers ... I dont want her to put on any more weight, I wish I was so kind to myself but I will enjoy my naughty indulgence despited the dog salivating next to me. If she doesn't start behaving herself I might toss her outside into the cold air.. how cruel! I really should join the Leyland brothers (Iconic Aussie travellers whom travelled the outback and filmed it well before being adventure bound was in vogue.. they dragged their spouses with them to live like pioneer women. Mike and Mal should be in the hall of fame!) because I have gone off the beaten track and am basically digressing. gord ! i'm like a chatty Cathy today! must be the sugar.

On the way out to the above mentioned towns we stopped off in Aldinga. (Most of these names have aboriginal origin except for Normanville- must have been some white settler of notoriety..anyway they are a mouthful to say I agree!). At Aldinga  we found the Heavenly op shop..yes it was named so I am not making it up because it had heavenly little vintage items that hadn't been pilfered by the marauding masses that go on a Sunday drive (I would be one of them except that I normally work every Sunday so do things like that on a week day off)  Well whilst out and about I spied with my beady little eyes these delightful stitcheries..luckily priced in my budget..if it's over $2 I'm to stingy to buy it.

The hollyhocks were purchased in Aldinga along with flowered tablecloth..mmm $3.. but I can see lots of uses for this as lining and patchwork if I can bear to cut it. The friends stitchery is one I did a long time ago, made a cushion which still is  in excellent nick but has been buried in the toy box (which never gets opened now..children are too old and I am too lazy to clean out) thinking of converting it into a shopping bag (one day)

The top two stitcheries below were purchased at craft from their market table. It  was part of a deceased estate from one of our elderly crafters whom gifted it to her friends and like minded souls at craft and the money raised from these purchases will go to the cancer council.

I couldnt bare to let the stitcheries remain incomplete so have decided to do them this holiday and then convert one or two of them into a purse as inspired by The Custards (please read this blog  post it is charming, entertaining shows generosity of spirit and is inspirational in deed and craft loveliness and is funny to boot!)

The crinoline lady  almost wasn't mine.. it wasn't a case of snatch and grab...the lady whom runs the market table at craft wanted a label for the back of quilt and I suggested using a completed stitchery and embroidering her details of the quilt off to the side.. whilst saying this I picked this stitchery up without really looking and handed it too her...gulp I really wanted to snatch it back. She must have taken it home and brought it back because yesterday there it was waiting for me to claim my prize. Sooo happy

The field of floweres had two perfectly embroidered flowers on it when I purchased it. Not having the colours to match I decided to spice it up and add a mix to the flowers. Four flowers seemed a bit spartan to me I added to the field of flowers ( I had trouble with one of the leaves but other than that am reasonably happy with the end result) I am now waiting for some purse handles to arrive in the post so I can make a little change purse

Does your floss box look like this? I do have some with them neatly wound round cards but I seem to have accrued a bounty of coloured threads in the last few months whilst op shopping. Buy it whilst it is cheap.
Finished the flowered field stitchery~!

I love this little lady..aah happy! Working on this now - what I started with...

Well off to do some stitching. Hoping its warm in your neck of the woods!

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  1. soul would be bathed in happiness with your gorgeous acquisition...especially your crinoline lady!! I am afraid that my floss box is a good deal messier than yours. As for being warm, I am warm as toast thank you......but then I am luxuriating in front of an open fire. By the there any banoffee pie left??


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