Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Fete complete

The fete is over and next year someone else has volunteered to do it. My husband David says I wont know what to do with myself but I am sure I will have plenty to do. A big thank you to the girls from patchwork whom contributed so much to make the table such a success. Its sad that such quality items get sold off so cheaply but that is the nature of the fete and any money raised will help the school. That said I took a couple of quick snaps just before the day begun so I might have missed a few items but its enough to be able to appreciate the lovely work of the dedicated few. Thank you again from Monique and Kirsty

Lovely knitted Mr and Mrs Claus by Lois

Flower doll from a Homespun magazine and Wendy Brigg friends pattern made into a pillow
Crotchet birds design by Attic 24

paper mache money boxes by me
 variety of kniited and soft toys by Lois decoupage by Joan

 Wendy Briggs pattern

Bag from get red red ready for Christmas - Natalie Ross
Natalie Ross bag pattern

teas cosies by Carmel, dogs by me, facewashers by Chris

 My quirky dog

Watermelon themed crotchet by me
 My lovely son trying to hide

 crotchet bird pattern found on Attic 24

Wendy Briggs designed angel
Christmas pillow - cant remember where I got the pattern but it might be from homespun magazine ??
My design pillow part of a quilt I have designed and have started making, probably ready for next Christmas
Handsome fella again

What happens following coffee mornings

Last week after coffee the girls and I had a wander through the local Brighton shops  and they conversed with the shop owner whom is taking on art works for sale and  selling them on commission. At the time I stood there like a stunned mullet because frankly I was just too tired to participate or to put any effort into the conversation. Anyway literally without saying a word my sister and friend managed to sell my art work or at least get my foot in the door to show some works locally. That said a beachy theme is required and so I started to play around  with shells and colour, soon to be joined by my daughter and son whom thought what I was doing looked like fun. 
 glass shell beads colour by me
 beads shell colour by me
 beads shell foil colour by Ben
 beads shell colour by Jordana
 bead shell foil colour by Jordana
foil and colour by me                                          Hatchet fish
The hatchet fish picture is my favourite and has a more finished appearance. The beaded pictures although photograph well but aren't quite there yet.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Sculpture in my town

I love the fact that suddenly Adelaide is really embracing its title as the festival state and incorporating public works in the local council areas. More and more businesses seem to be establishing new buildings but are adding interest with public works of art. Particularly impressive is South Roads A Mart store which has installed four large steel structures of note, they are highly visible from the road and have a sense of fun and frivolity about them. The Steelman, which appears to be more of a woman to me, towers next to the A Mart building. Worked into the steel are the words  "Brave New" I'm assuming world comes in there somewhere.

I'm yet to find out the artist but I'm loving their work

hold your breath

What is it that causes you to become so exasperated with those individual souls we call family? Children repeatedly exercise their right to infuriate you with their incessant superior knowledge and sarcasm, always quick with the back chat and retort that will drive you insane.
Yet if someone else had said it or if you had been listening to the conversation else where you probably would just smirk, think wise guy and totally ignore the little scoundrel. Yet repeatedly we bow to persistence and let them get the better of us.
Is it just that our children are growing up and need to establish themselves in the world. Do we need to give them credit for their opinion or do they just need to learn some manners and actually respect other people (parents) giving them credit that they might just have a little life experience and are willing to impart their knowledge freely.  Many occasions would be simplified if some benefit of doubt would be exchanged by both parties.
As our children grow up it is not only the child that grows, but as adults we learn from our children. Children and young adults have a refreshing way of inquiring into their world, they are more likely to ask the question why is that or how did it occur, why would someone behave that way. They taste things differently, are elated for just simple pleasures, and see the world in colour in a way we have forgotten how to. The world is in extremes in that they make mountains out of mole hills and craters out of potholes, yet joy can be found in the simplest pleasure like fairy floss on a stick rather than in a bag. I always remember our front garden being so much bigger than it really was maybe because my whole world revolved around those few meters and I had so few expectations or wants as my parents gave me everything I needed - love warmth and support
So is it that I am just tired and need to take a break, tell my children I love them very much and be joyful that they are healthy young individual whom I have the priveledge of knowing and sharing a few short years with.