Tuesday, 27 September 2011

What happens following coffee mornings

Last week after coffee the girls and I had a wander through the local Brighton shops  and they conversed with the shop owner whom is taking on art works for sale and  selling them on commission. At the time I stood there like a stunned mullet because frankly I was just too tired to participate or to put any effort into the conversation. Anyway literally without saying a word my sister and friend managed to sell my art work or at least get my foot in the door to show some works locally. That said a beachy theme is required and so I started to play around  with shells and colour, soon to be joined by my daughter and son whom thought what I was doing looked like fun. 
 glass shell beads colour by me
 beads shell colour by me
 beads shell foil colour by Ben
 beads shell colour by Jordana
 bead shell foil colour by Jordana
foil and colour by me                                          Hatchet fish
The hatchet fish picture is my favourite and has a more finished appearance. The beaded pictures although photograph well but aren't quite there yet.

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