Monday, 12 September 2011

hold your breath

What is it that causes you to become so exasperated with those individual souls we call family? Children repeatedly exercise their right to infuriate you with their incessant superior knowledge and sarcasm, always quick with the back chat and retort that will drive you insane.
Yet if someone else had said it or if you had been listening to the conversation else where you probably would just smirk, think wise guy and totally ignore the little scoundrel. Yet repeatedly we bow to persistence and let them get the better of us.
Is it just that our children are growing up and need to establish themselves in the world. Do we need to give them credit for their opinion or do they just need to learn some manners and actually respect other people (parents) giving them credit that they might just have a little life experience and are willing to impart their knowledge freely.  Many occasions would be simplified if some benefit of doubt would be exchanged by both parties.
As our children grow up it is not only the child that grows, but as adults we learn from our children. Children and young adults have a refreshing way of inquiring into their world, they are more likely to ask the question why is that or how did it occur, why would someone behave that way. They taste things differently, are elated for just simple pleasures, and see the world in colour in a way we have forgotten how to. The world is in extremes in that they make mountains out of mole hills and craters out of potholes, yet joy can be found in the simplest pleasure like fairy floss on a stick rather than in a bag. I always remember our front garden being so much bigger than it really was maybe because my whole world revolved around those few meters and I had so few expectations or wants as my parents gave me everything I needed - love warmth and support
So is it that I am just tired and need to take a break, tell my children I love them very much and be joyful that they are healthy young individual whom I have the priveledge of knowing and sharing a few short years with.

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