Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Divided Basket and Completed Stitchery

At this very time in my garden i do not have one flower! How abysmal! There could be two reasons for this. One, I am a very poor gardener and two the weather has gotten  cooler and everything is dormant but green. So despite the lovely sunny sky I cant find one flower to utilise with this stitchery whilst photographing it. Lucky that there is a burst of spring from these blooms.
Instagram is great for aging photos dont you think?

I am very happy to say that the staining that was in the skirt has lifted with a little spray  (oxymagic) and the fabric has remained intact. You never know when you start washing old linen

And also completed is my divided basket utilising Noodlehead's pattern. I actually bought this pattern over half a year ago with the view to making baby baskets. I still will do that, but for now decided that I should stretch my legs and actually use my own fabric which I happily print but dont use enough of. 

I had to resew the lining as I was about 3cm out in sizing... who in their right mind uses 1/2" seam lines.. I know I have an eye for 1/4" seams and would have managed that fine but half inch and not measuring don't work for me. So the seam ripper got a little exercise for the first time in an eternity. Most of the time I would just sew another but I didn't want to waste material. The lining is a Beatrix Potter print..hence the rabbits hanging around the basket.. and the fact that I haven't as yet put away my Easter plates and paraphernalia. Slacker!

Can't decide if I will use this to make a bag or crochet around the edge and use it as a doily..mmm. I'm inclined towards the bag. But not today at least.


  1. can't wait to see what you do decide to do with the embroidery. I know it will be stunning. I love the bag you made, so functional and with your own fabric :)

  2. I love your crinoline lady......this doesn't need a pretty flower from a garden to enhance this beauty. She would make a beautiful bag. Your bag is very cool. Your fabric is always gorgeous and how cool does the Peter Rabbit fabric look....they are a perfect match. As always lovely photos, Monique. I'm still deliberating as to what to make with my gorgeous hand printed fabrics.


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