Friday, 18 September 2015

Crochet Cushion in Purple

12 weeks ago I hand dyed some wool using purple carrots. When one dyes (that being me) one does not always have a purpose in mind. I love to potter and tinker with pots and plants and brew. I am always on the lookout for wool ball ends in the op shops...but have noticed lately that it is cheaper to buy a whole ball of natural wool when on special and then you are guaranteed no moths visiting with the wool.

Diving into my bag of dyed wool oddments  I decided to go with this pattern .
It was a pick up and put down ordeal, and progress was slow. (It doesn't help the creative side of me to function if I am working full time) 

So eventually we got to a stage of it being big enough for a cushion.
I started the edging following the pattern and did not like it, so instead made my own up.
This is the  underside (wrongside) of the crochet

 A closer look at the trim.

 And one completed cushion

Natural wool dyes in pomegranate, purple carrot, acorn, eucalyptus, and berries

Cushion for sale in shop

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  1. What a lovely crocheted cushion. I love that you dyed the wool yourself using natural dyes.


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