Monday, 27 April 2015

Gold Coast .

We've just returned from holidaying on the Gold Coast Queensland, Australia.
Our main purpose of the visit was so that Ben our middle '"child"could compete at the Australian Titles for Surf Life Saving. An annual event open to all competitors around Australia who participate in surf lifesaving events on their home turf.
With a few days free prior to his competition the eldest son, Caleb, was keen for a fishing trip.
We booked a half day expedition of the coast and were lucky to have relatively calm seas for the day.
This is view looking back to Surfers Paradise and the many highrise holiday apartments occupying what was once swamp land.
If you are not keen on fish then I apologise for the fish photo, but we were fortunate enough to have Caleb and Georgia bring in  fish that fed the family for quite a few meals. I can say that the tuna was the freshest sushi/sashimi I am ever likely to taste. The mackerel was a yummy fish to eat. Both large fish we carried home on the bus in large plastic bags!

Back on dry land I would often walk for a bit of exercise. I lived on the Gold Coast in my twenties and never bothered to visit the gardens I visited this time round. (Too busy partying my youth away).
These photos are from Cascade Gardens which runs along a small length of the Gold Coast Highway next to the Nerang River. The  small strip of land is preserved because it  is home to two species bats and other small animals - amazing what survives in suburbia.

A small dragon lizard and plenty of butterflies floating around

A Kookaburra eyeing me off high in the trees

And some bats hanging around. Lucky it wasn't mating season otherwise the area would have smelt rather musky and manky from their glands.

The day before we left the Gold Coast I caught a bus to Burleigh Head to walk the actual headlands. Once again I lived in this suburb for over a year and never ventured into the headland reserve where the suburb  gets its name from.
This area was very popular with tourists and runners alike.
And it was very popular with spiders....urggh...spider webs are enough to keep me out of any place. Luckily the path is so well trod that spiders dont get a chance to sling a web across

Even though I dont like spider webs I am amazed by their beauty. When I took this photo I thought this was a skeleton of a leaf and not a spider web encapsulating the leaf.

Strangler vines wrapping themselves around host trees and eventually kill the host tree.

Bush turkeys normally forage around on the ground but will hop up into the trees is disturbed

A view to the ocean below

Black rocks surround the base of the headland. I decided I wanted to walk around the base of the headland - I did about half of it before climbing back up to the walking path somewhere in the middle of the hill.

On the open ocean side there was plenty of driftwood,  some of it is really large pylons which is eventually tossed up to the rocks with heavy seas.

These birds were on the open ocean side foraging for food - only easy to spot because of the bright orange beaks and legs.

This guy I almost totally missed except that he was near the other two birds. My camera really didn't want to focus on him and would correct itself to give a clear image of the rock. I really didn't have time to muck around with manual focusing as the bird was soon on the move- away from me.

Well thats the first half of the holiday (except for the surf life saving bit, which I have hundreds of photos of pretty much the same thing - and a little eye candy...anyway I will have to troll through them first to see if it is worth showing)

See you soon with photos from Byron Bay...I found Byron Bay to be way more interesting than the Gold Coast but that is because the surrounding regions are less commercial (out of town) and therefore more enjoyable to me
Cheers x Monique


  1. Hi Monique,

    Did you know that the Kookaburra is one of my favourite birds? And what a coincidence: the waterbirds you show here look very much the same as the "Callinula Chloropus" I posted today as a cushion on my blog. Go and have a quick look since you yourself might also be mentioned .

    Your kids look very handsome. It must have been wonderful to be together for a holiday and enjoy the company. I did not know yet that you partied your youth away, but I could have guessed it easily... :) SO you! (Thank god you are as serious woman NOW! :)

    1. I will send you some hard copies of the bird photos if you like Brigitte (towards the end of May I will get organised- going to HongKong for a few days with David for work- hee hee the kids stay home!) They are handsome children but a youthful glow makes everybody handsome in my get away with so much more in the looks department when you are young. My brain is still fairly scatty and youthful but the flesh does not keep up so well now - so less partying more serious...but not too serious...I am always the loudest at work and the least likely to find my behaviour embarrassing. My children often ;want to die at my behaviour.! Oh well ... you only live once, do it well and do it loudly!

  2. Gorgeous photo's!! Thanks for sharing your trips. Brigitte (above) advised to have a look at your blog, I will definitely come back, so much to see.

    1. Thanks for joining us. You know Brigitte has excellent taste! Well she definitely is a colourful girl and most adventurous. I will visit your pages in the next coming days and have a little sticky beak around (look see). Cheers Monique x


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