Monday, 15 September 2014

Cabbage Patch

It is time for spring around here and I am the lazy gardener. Really I am not much of a gardener at all, although i do admire a well thought out garden and love a good display of nature's bounty.
This year I have planted my own colourful cabbage patch. Tongue in cheek- I love this type of gardening because it looks good all year round and once I've crocheted it , it doesn't require any maintenance on my behalf.
Do you recognise this work?

It is my spoke wheel flower scarf. I have only twelve more circles to produce to make it long enough. Although every time I think it is long enough I wrap it around my my neck and think I should go a few more.  I was at swimming training the other night sewing in all the loose ends on the scarf and decided to wind it up  upon completion (instead of the normal toss it into the bag) and I suddenly had a lovely looking cabbage in my hand - I had to take a  picture of course.

And this is the baby quilt so far

Hoping your garden is blooming


  1. My garden is beginning to bloom rather splendidly....tulips, daffodils, rhododendrums, bluebells, lilacs, granny bonnets, wisteria.....sorry I don't really mean to boast, but you did ask. As for oh wow! Your cabbage patch is stunning; all that glorious colour! LURVE!! And...your baby quilt ain't half bad either! ;))

  2. We are saying hello to fall so our garden is winding down, like you I'm not much of a gardener so I let my husband do al l the work! Love the baby quilt and the flowers.


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