Thursday, 25 September 2014

Wreath making

I am currently working on a wreath for Christmas or spring?? Which ever way it will be a fairly cheery affair with lots of bibs and bobs added. I decided to utilise the card of crochet flowers that Julie from Little Woollie added into my yarny win. I have started to make some of my own now but first i had to wind all that yarn into balls so that they wouldn't tangle..Let me say that took considerable time.
I have been raiding my craft box and am utilising a lot of bits that are left over from other projects (although I  have purchase more clay to make extra yellow really is a vicious cycle..utilise the left overs from one project and you have to make more to finish the next- I will have leftovers from this project and it will start all over again! Oh stop whining -  you know you love it! Tomorrow I might show you the sewing basket and other goodies I picked up in the op shop. Toodle Pips, see you soon.


  1. Your wreath is looking spiffy, Monique, love the clay flowers. 'Tis such a shame that you will have to find some more pretties to replace what you have used. I must say my interest is piqued with your op shop sewing basket!

  2. lovely wreath, I think it could be an all season one with bits to add and subtract as the seasons change. Lovely :)


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