Tuesday, 9 September 2014



I've been procrastinating about making a baby quilt for some time now and can wait no longer. Another baby due for one of the girls at work (one of three pregnancies at the moment) so I feel the impetus to actually get started on this project. Mother's request for a green quilt..mmm ..I could go with the soft muted colours but am feeling the penchant for something a little stronger. I dont know the sex of the child so shall try to remain neutral in my theme. So here is a sample of my palette and I have presented it in Kaleidoscope theme with some of the blossoms that I photographed in the garden this morning.

I'll show you what i have made tomorrow, but today I am off on a trip to the hills.. a little bit of op shopping and some divine eating in lovely green surrounds. Cheers and have a fantastic day!


  1. Those fabrics are lovely. I like the addition of the blue fabrics to the green colourway. Gorgeous blossoms. I trust you acquired lots of treasures from your op shop hunting.

  2. Well done this kaleidoscope.
    Very pretty colours.

    The mother-to-be shall be ever so happy.

    I envy the fact that you guys are having spring at this moment.
    In Belgium the leaves are starting to fall (not all of them yet, thank God for that)


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