Friday, 7 November 2014

A Top Finish

Hi all. It is a particularly hot and windy November day here in ol Adelaide town. If we reached the maximum temperature it would have been the hottest day in November forever! It was expected to be 39 C , I know for a fact it made it to 37C! So which ever way you look at it, the day was hot hot hot!

That being said I met my friend for an early breakfast instead of trapping around town as was originally intended. We did a little op shopping until 12 midday, guzzling lots of water on the way. I will show my purchases tomorrow (I forgot to snap some shots)

Then it was home to hide from the heat and exercise my sewing machine for a few hours. So I have managed to finish my quilt top. I raced out to the clothes line, hung the quilt...took some blind shots of the quilt, the sun was so bright I couldn't see the screen and what i was taking ...took the quilt down and raced back inside to hide from the heat once again.

The red flower is a succulent growing in my mums garden..somebody told me what it one ear and out the other...but it is beautiful and the sun was shining straight through it to give it a lovely luminescent quality.

Just a quick visit from me. I am in the process of utilising some of the scraps from the above quilt.


  1. Ooh...'tis a wee bit hot over there! I hope the photo snapping of your lovely quilt didn't turn you into a lobster. I am so happy that you are back as your posts always start my day with lovely colour and lovely stitching. You have the knack of placing colour on your quilts exactly in the right position....this is another lovely quilt top, Monique. Gorgeous photos of that flower. It is a lovely 22 degrees down here today.....not that I'm gloating or anything. :)

  2. Monique, I like this quilt lots and lots!
    At this moment I'm already very curious about the scraps and what they will turn into.

    Your temperatures are SO taunting! At this moment it is around 12 °C during the days here in this autumn country. I would give everything (even my newly made quilt) to change with you. Running outside into the heat and take some shots (even if the sun blinds the screen) seems like paradise to me.
    The only advantage of our weather now, are the very very beautiful clouds. Always with a golden and orange brim against a very dark sky. I have to admit that I've grown very fond of them the last few days. (hmmm, perhaps I'll keep the quilt : )

  3. Loved the IG picture of your mum and you aunt. Which of the two is your mum? How old is she?

  4. Gorgeous quilt top, but then I like whatever you stitch together :) We have really cold temps here this week!!

  5. Can't wait to see what your scraps make - love your quilt top!

    1. Hi Heather, thanks for stopping by, I have started a rose stitch and flip quilt top a few days ago but seem to have come to a halt due to work commitments and sickness. Hopefully I can put some time into it in the coming days. Cheers Monique

  6. Thanks Alycia, I haven't as yet decided whether to hand quilt this or give a go at machine quilting. The machine quilting may be difficult due to the size of the top...more pondering, hope it doesnt sit in the cupboard for too long. Thanks for stopping by


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