Saturday, 4 October 2014

Christmas stocking & coral tree

 This post is supposed to be about the Christmas stocking I've finished but really I was so taken by the brilliant flush of colour displayed by the coral tree that the stocking pales in comparison. The coral tree stopped me in my tracks on the way home from the shops. It is the first time I have see such a display of colour on the tree and the young lass whom lives at the residence of the tree said the same too. Last year they pruned back half of the tree away from the house and opposing side is now in full bloom.
Would you believe my camera died after the few photos you see here


  1. You just can't beat the glorious colour of nature, can you. Gorgeous tree, gorgeous photos. Your crochet flower adds the finishing touch to your pretty stocking.

  2. Love the stocking - and the crocheted flower. Scrumptious!

  3. Never seen a tree like this in my whole life. I am in deep awe. SO very gorgeous. I REALLY should move to Australia, shouldn't I?

    Your pictures are sublime. And what about your camera? Does it live again? Or still dead? If so, please buy a new one asap, so we don't have to miss enjoying your great pictures :) (they really make my day)

    1. Glad you enjoyed the brilliance of this tree,but editing out what you dont want has a big effect on what you see! .. my camera only died because of a flat daughter borrowed it and probably took a million shots with her friends and didn't bother to recharge the battery when she was finished. it is well and truly alive thank you, just as well I purchased it just before going to Bali:)

  4. You'll find the painting you want to see in a whole here:
    And also here:

    If wou would like to have a more closer look, I can took another picture and send it to you be e-mail. You can Always leave your address for me at:

    The picture was painted by my daughter some years ago: it represents our living room.

  5. stupid me: above I want to say I can take (not took of course)

  6. I've never seen a tree like it so I'm glad you stopped and shared it with us! Love the stocking :)


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