Friday, 10 October 2014

Special Nights

Wednesday 8th October, a day for some that will be remembered watching the lunar eclipse. For me it was more of a surprise. My sister asked me the night before to attend the wedding of a couple being married in our local church. At the time I understood that the Kenyan couple did not have relatives to help celebrate the wedding and the priest wanted the local community to help make this a special occasion for them. I personally haven't attended church for a while but thought it sad not to help a young couple celebrate their new journey in life.

Impromptu I bought my camera along with me. At dusks light the park across the road is filled with galahs

To the west the sun burnishes across the sky from oranges and changing to crimson reds

To the east the moon competes for attention.. moon rise through the trees at the same time as the sun sets.

My sister bought a bunch of fresh picked flowers from her garden and made a tower of cakes to help  celebrate

Loving hands

And the gorgeous couple

And happily family did come to attend

And the lunar eclipse.. a special red moon for a special night


  1. Such a glorious night.....a happy and smiling bride and groom, a couple of lovely 'friends' to witness their love, a special red moon shining in the heavens, beautiful flowers, delicious cakes and the odd galah or two....these are the things that maketh a special celebration!

  2. Beautiful photos. Congratulations and Best Wishes to your new friends.You all helped make their day special.


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