Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Christmas Stockings

Well I've been trolling across the internet again and have spent many hours finding delicious inspiration and linking up with many new blogs to follow. I found a lovely crochet link up  on Annemarie's Haakblog and spied these luscious snowflakes to be found here

I seem to have altered my pattern slightly  to the original pattern (thats because I am totally slack and dont go back to reference what I am doing once it looks right) Either way it is not a difficult pattern and not too time consuming

Once I had the large snowflake pattern down pat (my way) I started to add extra chains in to make the spikes more pronounced. Then I decided I wanted some smaller ones  and linked them to make a chain.
My original thought was to utilise these on a christmas stocking with alot of snowflakes on a plain background, but then we are all entitled to change our minds. So I made several stockings.

This snowflake was actually dropped into my cup of tea and stained brown. I rinsed it but it was still too discoloured so I dipped the edges into beetroot juice (straight out of the can).

 (the underside)

Thanks for persevering through all of those photos


  1. The snowflakes look lovely on the stockings. That's a nice idea to link them together.

    1. Thanks Pradeepa for stopping by, I am partial to these snowflakes and might actually make the pattern right the next time :)

  2. Who needs dye when you have beetroot juice! Love it! Your stockings are gorgeous with all that eye-popping colour; they are very sweet. Love your snowflakes. Happy trolling!!


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