Saturday, 7 June 2014

Working on

This is the second linen tablecloth that i found rummaging around on the sale table at craft.  It is a very pretty design in green but only a very small portion of the cloth (basically what you see) has been done.
I dont know whether I can actually be bothered to do the whole cloth - or shall I chop into a perfectly good cloth and make another purse ??

The crochet below had quite a few squares made whilst in the waiting area of the ICU unit when Caleb was sick..even when worried I like to do something although most of the time i really was too exhausted / anxious. But once he was awake and I could see he was fine I sat quietly in the corner crocheting.
This is now my on the run project, made from wool scraps and oddments of tapestry wools in neutral tones

And because I get bored.. I like to make a few flowers. Drawn and crocheted.. the doodle above is what I do when I watch a movie


  1. My your crochet squares are pretty, as are the flowers. 'Tis wonderful that it kept your mind and hands busy during that awful time. You are quite the doodler/artist aren't you....great picture.

  2. ....ooops I forgot to say, that pretty embroidery would make another pretty purse.:)

  3. Definitely chop into the table cloth! A purse wiill be so much nicer!
    Or you can make a collection of these embroideries en put them all together in a pouffe or a foot stool.
    That's what I intend to do with all my table clots of the thirft store.

    Your granny's are mesmerizing. The colour is absolutely gorgeous.
    Everytime I see projects like this, I wonder what makes me use so much colours.

  4. I think a purse! Love the green and just think of what the perfect fabric for the lining would do as you peek inside your purse :)

  5. I just love the muted colors of your grannies. That embroidery is lovely, too. I'm out-voted, but I'd do the whole thing because it's so beautiful. But a purse would be easier to show off...

  6. Gorgeous! I love vintage embroideries and think your idea of turning it into a purse is a good one. I think it's wonderful to take something that has been put aside and give it a new life and purpose. A purse would definitely be a fun new way to enjoy all that handiwork.

    Those granny squares are lovely in that soothing palette. How nice to have something portable to work on when you need to keep your hands busy! Soon you will be enjoying a beautiful new blanket. :o)


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