Monday, 18 May 2015

Hong Kong - Part 2

Of course you cant go to Hong Kong without seeing the city lights on the harbour (unless you are my sister and missed them all together when she visited a few weeks earlier- I really dont know how you could miss them but it might have something to do with staying on Hong Kong island side and not needing to go across the harbour perhaps) Anyway I enjoyed a brisk walk down from the hotel, across the bridge and down the Avenue of Stars to go see the bright lights.
An assortment of flotilla kept the scene interesting, I liked the red lights on the sails of the sampan(?) but numerous ferries and boats made the passing parade quite festive.

Of the statues of movies stars- Hong Kong variety- I only recognised two - Bruce Lee and Jet Li, other than that I had no idea who the local celebrities were.

Also found the nightlife and lights of Nathan street interesting. Still busy at ten o'clock at night. Not far away were the Temple Street night markets. I must be a really boring shopper because I once again didn't buy a thing here (mainly rubbish in my eyes) but still fun to have a sticky beak through and the surrounding streets were interesting.

This fascinated me... fresh crabs and shell fish in buckets live ready to be prepared and eaten on request... I suppose you dont get much fresher than that. Once again I got told no photos *but after I already had taken)
 mmm mmm bought some fresh fruits

 A planned trip to Lantau Island and the Giant Buddha at Po Lin Monastry
 You really needed the sign to find the Giant Buddha especially if youu didnt have your glasses with you, or maybe it was to orientate us old frail types...I thought it was funny as you could see buddha miles away, look below on the photo and spot buddha on the hill.

The likely suspect tourists, doing the touristy thing and taking photos of themselves in front of every inanimate object to be found

 I liked the zigzagging of the stairs and the patterns it made- do you think I could a photo without some random jumping in on my take???no!
 Managed to eliminate the tourists in these shots
 Pray sticks in abundance (I call them Joss sticks but I dont know if that is correct, but sounds good!) Smoking hot time

 Extra large prayer sticks ....
 Love the ornate moldings on the buildings and the beautiful colour. Very orderly and serene place in amongst the wild growth of the surrounding hills

 Serious offerings for serious buddha deities

I liked the door knob.... made for some serious if I found one of these in market I would have bought one.

And to finish off a bit of street food

Tomorrow a tour of the harbour in Aberdeen

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  1. what a trip!! I think you are seeing everything that you can cram into a visit. I love the photos and the ones with you in it :)


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