Friday, 22 May 2015

Hong Kong - Part 4- Flower and Bird Market

 Somewhere after visiting the Giant Buddha and returning back to the hotel, I managed to  make a quick tour of the flower and bird market. David opted out for the evening, having had enough  culture and touring the transit system for one day. Me, I wanted to squeeze in as much as possible in my four day visit and just kept going. Most days ended around 10 or 11 o'clock by the time I made it back to the hotel with very sore feet. My visit was a quick one, jumping off the train at Prince Edward station exiting exit A( If I remember correctly) and then a quick cruise down the street to the flower markets.

I really would have liked to purchase some flowers to take home but it would have been a pointless exercise as  were leaving the next day. I enjoyed the colour anyway.

I wonder what these are? Anybody know.

They look very decorative all bunched up together with tassels hanging off them.

The adjoining street to the flower market is the bird market. It is enclosed by a large muraled wall. Unfortunately most to the vendors had shut up shop by the time I arrived at 7 oclock. I only found a few stalls still open , so I very quickly and quite unceremoniously purchased a bird cage to take home. Just a small traditional cage made of wood and highly lacquered. once again I didn't barter and probably should have, I know I paid too much but it was late and I couldn't be bothered.
I actually dont keep birds, I just like to hang the cages...

This lovely gentleman was happy to show me his birds and also graciously posed for a photo

 Once  i left the bird market it started to rain...continuously...and heavily. Luckily I had an umbrella which kept the front of me dry but didn't save my back pack from drowning. I liked the ingenuity of  the street cleaner - she had it in the bag. She thought it was funny that I wanted to photograph her, we both laughed a bit. At least one of us was dry!

And that is the end of the Hong Kong photos.
Tomorrow I will present my finished flower crochet bag if I manage to photograph it properly.
Cheers and stay well. Monique x

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  1. Poor birds with a chain around their paws !

    beautiful pictures once again.

    Now that I am typing in your account I cannot help thinking about the jelly of my strawberry cake and having it wobbling at my ass :) as you mentioned before.
    do you know the song "wiggle" by Jason Derulo? See here:
    For some reason your quote on my IG set off the assoication with "what do you do with your big fat ass?" Wiggle it. I hope you know the song.... otherwise you'll think very bad of me.


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