Sunday, 22 March 2015

Cockatoo Tails

Aaargh! Aargh! thats about sums up a conversation with a white cockatoo. These birds hang high in the gum trees and are a real pain in the neck to take a photograph of - that is if you have my neck.
Tilt head back and zoom in to focus on lofty creatures above. Meet sulphur crested cockatoo (yellow cocky) and long billed corellas (red markings around eyes)

AArgh. aarg! How you doing? Just stand directly under me and I 'll let you know how I'm feeling!

So you are a bit smarter than I gave you credit for. But you better watch out - my friends will distract you whilst I gamble over these branches and maneuver myself into a better position. Aargh Argh Hey You guys How about getting in on the act?

Sssspst! Come on guys!

What ? You want some help over there?
Yeah , yeah we are on our way.
Fred! Marta! Stop rubber necking and get over here.

 Jees Fred ! Do you reckon I could have a few feathers left intact? I'm not a launching pad.

 Okay line up
 Back to back is good!
Bombs away!
 Hee hee I almost wet myself. Did you see her run.
Yep Im watching to see how long it takes to realise I bulleyed her in the middle of her head. Ha ha she found it. Think I'm going to fall off my perch

 Marta you alright?
 Augggh my head is a bit sore!
 You'll be right. Siddle up over here and I'll kiss it better

You're too sweet. 

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