Saturday, 21 March 2015

Mid South Coast- SouthPort and The Onkaparinga River

Today Jordy requested to go surfing originally  to the South coast but plans change with the change in surf conditions, so we headed to the mid south coast to one of my favourite areas to visit.
So whilst she surfed I snapped a hundred shots on my phone (or what seemed like it) and then followed the river down to visit the wildlife.

Where the river meets the sea (surfing to the left and right of the river)

Red sand stone cliff faces

Unuasal rocky out crops eroded by the ocean

The shadow of the rock below looks a bit like an angel fish.

I love the light reflection patterning in the water.

SouthPort SA

Further down the river but still within walking distance of the beach , shallow waders in the wetlands.

Black swans found all along the river

the birds come two by two

Pelicans again- I can't help myself

Not sure what this little fella is called

If you look closely you can see pelicans flying in the tree line (and someone sitting in the trees fishing on the opposite shore)

Thats it , you made it! I think I'm done with nature shots for a wee while - although there is a group of galahs and white cockatoos that have been screeching around the neighbourhood this evening...might have to go and investigate.
Cheers..see you soon I hope.

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  1. You live in such a beautiful area, thanks for sharing your outing!!


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