Thursday, 1 October 2015

Park Life

The local schools and park have still  a significant number of large gum trees despite many of the them being culled (they are considered a safety risk to children, falling gum tree boughs do occur frequently and unexpectedly). Anyway there is still enough to support a reasonable population of birds. It's a noisy  place at sunset, a hive of activity with feeding birds (if not disturbed by human foot traffic).
This raucous fella was most put out that I even dared approach at distance and put on quite a display so that I would not disturb his watering hole. The neighbours have left tubs of water out for the birds as there is a bought of early hot weather coming (well over 30) and it is only early spring,

I decided I should back off and hid behind this tree and noticed in the next tree some lorrikeets flitting in and out of the y shape in the tree. It appears there is a hollow which is a nest and  is occupied by more than 2 adult birds, -  3 that I could tell and I'm not even sure if they are the same breed - or maybe male and 2 females?

2 females?

1 male?

Around the corner and back on the ground a flock of galahs were very happily eating the grass seeds, not at all fussed by my presence.

Another and differing specimen of flowering eucalyptus...looking quite pretty in the fading sun

ET must have stopped by and left some hand prints

Back on the ground and still chewing

Hope you get your fill today, have a lovely one.

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  1. I got my fill!!! I did not know that about gum trees which do not grow up here (that I know of...). We just had two trees removed because we were afraid they would fall and hit the house (they were dead). One might have the other one would never, it just drops branches.


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