Saturday, 5 October 2013

Bibs n Bucket

Its the long weekend and after a blitz of cleaning I took the opportunity to drag out my sewing machine.
It was a  little cantankerous for a while and the thread kept on breaking - duh - every now and then you have to change over the needle. That done and everything  went swimmingly after that.
I have finally managed to make those baby bibs that I printed material for a few weeks ago.

They are really bright arent they?  I just have to buy some velcro for fasteners and then they are done.

I had enough for three geometric patterned bibs and two of the bright green circular patterns.

I used a small amount of the blue circular print to make a fabric bucket. Some how or rather I managed to fluke the measurements of the circle to match the length of fabric to fit the circumference - pretty happy about that! I imagine I could have looked up a pattern but it was kind of an impulse thing to make.

And that is how I  spent my afternoon. Went for  an evening walk up over the hill, my first since having a cold. I still seem to be breathless on exertion but at least I only cough occasionally. One of the girls at work told me yesterday that a patient described me as the tall funny nurse with a cough like a dogs bark... That says it all.

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  1. Patients descriptions of other nurses can be amusing at times.
    The bibs are amazing. the triangle print is a favourite. x


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