Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Berry Christmas Stocking

Do you want to see lots of the same but different?
Having finished the Christmas stocking I was stitching I couldn't wait to photograph it - therefore flash photography. The alternative is wait until the weekend and that seems to far away by all accounts.

Then I played around with lots of other photos i had stored - a flash of red, one with a more neutral tone and back to a bang of red again.

Anyway it is done - can't decide whether I like the stocking but I enjoyed the exercise in stitching.`

Should I give it a bit of fur trim?? What I really would like to do is add one more star in the top left hand corner I think that would balance it out a bit better - but that would be too hard now that it is all sewn together. you know it is going to bother me! Not tonight anyway. Better go clean up my mess.

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  1. love the stocking, such pretty stitching! Christmas is looming in the near future, isn't it!


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