Friday, 25 October 2013

Sewing Like Crazy

See what happens when you let me at a machine for any length of time.... I turn into a complete Zombie. I had to throw something into the halloween mix! Caleb showed me the zombie app he downloaded and of course I had to get into the axe! I look terrifying

And yes I have actually been sewing.
I've made a few more pouches when I got home from work. I actually printed the fabric first and then whipped them up on the sewing machine. I've printed enough material to make 9 pouches - ran out of material otherwise I would have kept on printing. I've utilised 3 old linoprints that I've made over the years- 3 prints of each all in red.
Here is the first lino print made into a couple of pouches

No. 1

 underside of pouch

No. 2

Tomorrow (weekend yeah!) I can sew up the rest.. For now I have been banned from sewing in the lounge room as the family want to watch a movie.
Actually looking at the print it almost looks like blood smatterings when viewed after the zombie picture. At any rate it is a very red post!

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