Thursday, 19 January 2012

Around The Square

This quilt has been hiding in my linen cupboard until yesterday. I rediscovered it when I cleaned out my linen cupboard. It had been put away when I changed my lounge décor around and put up the oil paintings that where inspired by blood vessels and rock formations. You can see a photo of them in my first blog.
Anyway I've taken some snaps to include in the quilt compilation. The quilt was inspired by one I saw in the local quilt shop of houses around the square. I decided to inject a more Australian feel to my quilt with settlers cottages and school house and botanical hothouse.

School house

Willow tree - not so Australian but at the time I had just discovered roushing.

I love blossom trees and couldn't resist  including all the pink blooms with beading.

Tall pine trees are very evident in my local area. Glenelg has many along the main street of Tapleys Hill Road.

 Botanical hot house, has a layer of organza to give the appearance of glass

Terraced house

I quite enjoyed quilting this with leaf patterns on the outer square and more of a cathedral star in the center square or the community green/ common  as I like to think of it.

Hope you enjoyed a  little peruse at my town square.

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