Friday, 13 January 2012

Banoffi Pie - Banana caramel cream pie

Holiday time is always such a busy time and usually the regular get together s with the girlfriends goes to the wayside unless it involves co-ordinating our children as well. When Tracey suggested we have a luncheon because she had the afternoon off and wanted a catch up with the girls I was  only to happy to oblige and come along with plate in hand. Unfortunately our oven has died this week, so my plating adventure had to involve no oven. Banana Carmel Cream Pie came to mind, an easy no cook dessert that most people like.

To Make 2 pies

1 packet digestive biscuits
125 g unsalted butter
300g brown sugar
600ml cream for whipping
3 ripe bananas
1 can sweetened condensed mild

Crumb the digestive biscuits in food processor or leave biscuits intact in packing and place in clean plastic bag and smash with rolling pin to make fine crumbs.
100g of butter (save small amount to go in caramel sauce) melt in microwave and combine into biscuit crumbs
Divide and press crumbs into base of pie dishes

Heat sweetened condensed milk and brown sugar and 25g (dob) of butter over medium heat until sugar has dissolved. Be careful not to burn mixture by stirring constantly

Pour caramel sauce into pie  plates

Place slices of banana on to caramel sauce 

Whip cream. Ensure pie plate cool enough not to melt cream (a few minutes) and add cream generously to pie. Allow a few hours to set in the refrigerator so that the banana, caramel sauce, and cream congeal

Anybody for pie? mmmm

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