Saturday, 14 January 2012

Beaded Star

As promised I have finally made a tutorial to create a beaded star..That'll give you ample time before Christmas to create your own swag of stars.


3 colours 3mm beads
fine gauged beading wire 1.5 meters
(The beads could be larger so long as they are the same size0
A mat / piece of felt to stop beads from rolling away

Inner Circle colour 1 (gold)
Thread 7 beads onto wire

Twist off to secure inner circle


Colour 2 (silver)
Thread 5 beads onto wire making sure to thread at least 3 beads over top of twisted end then remove starter tail with scissors

Secure beads by threading wire through the second bead along
(miss one bead on gold circle)

Pull to form first loop of silver beads

Continue around until Round 2 complete (4 silver loops in total)

On last loop come up through the first two beads of round 2 as seen below
(you may need to go through one bead at a time)


Ready to start Round 3
Colour 3 (green)
Thread 3 beads of colour 3 (green) on to wire
Come back through the fourth silver bead of round 2

Add  3 beads of  green/colour 3
Cross  over to the second bead in the second loop

Add 3 green beads and pull wire through the fourth silver bead again, continue around until round 3 complete


colour 3/green
Bring wire up through to the middle green bead of round 3

Add 5 green beads to wire
thread wire through middle bead of next cluster of 3 green beads

Contineu forming loops of 5 green beads around Round 4

Completed round 4


Bring wire up through 3rd bead along in loop of five green beads

Thread 2 of colour 3/green beads,1 of colour 2/ silver, 2 of colour3/ green
OR green, green silver, green, green

thread wire through number 3 bead of next loop of five

Continue around until Round 5 complete


Bring wire up through to number one bead of round 5 - starting position for round 6

Add 4 beads of colour 3/green, 3beads of colour1/gold

Loop wire back through the last green bead threaded on/ or number four bead
the three gold beads will form a loop. Ensure the four green beads are nested together when pulling the wire so they don't have a gap in-between

Add 3 colour 3/green beads
Thread wire back through bead number 5 of the fifth round to complete the point of the star

thread the wire through the next 2 beads as pictured below, coming up through between the first and second bead of the next loop of round 5
Repeat cycle: 4 green beads, 3gold beads, form aloop of gold and complete with 3 green beads

All the way round the star

Finnish off by threading wire through  several beads and secure or you can leave wire attached to utilize when tying to other decorative items

The colours can be inter changed once you know the basic pattern
I hope that wasn't too hard to follow
Well done and have fun.

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  1. Thanks for the tutorial - I'll try this! So pretty.


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