Sunday, 8 January 2012


Everybody has them, well at least I hope you do. Those unfinished projects that get put aside to do later when the time or the inclination becomes available to finish the job. I decided that I would try to complete some of these UFOs before starting too many new projects. That doesn't mean that I wont start new ones, but just finish some as well. My things to do....

1. Passionflower Quilt started 2011
Whilst walking around the neighbourhood in summer I would often see passionfruit vines hanging over the fences with their lovely flowers on display. They really are quite ornamental and have strong lines for design purposes. With the thought of these majestic flowers embedded in my brain I decided to embark on a quilt for my brothers 50 Th birthday. I've always been attracted to stars and they seem to fit with the design of the flower, so when I saw a quilt with goose tracks set in-between stars I knew that this would be a suitable setting  .

Initial drawings from real life and simplifying into a flower that is easier to sew. I have several sketch books full of designs - if only I had the time.

Figuring out the blocks and size of pieces

Cant vouch for the accuracy of the measurements I would  have written out the pattern and checked it more precisely

I love the sour green coupled with the orange and red. It's vibrant and cheerful but still manly despite the passionflower theme.

Now all I have to do is decide upon a border and quilt like crazy!!

2. Hexagon crotchet blanket.

Commenced shortly after I started blogging after reading Attic 24. I hadn't actually crotchet for many years but was compelled to give it a go. I just love Lucy's use of colour in her crotched items. My blanket is gradually growing, my son whom is quite tall wants to be able to stretch his legs and sit on the couch covered by this blanket , so I'll still have a few rows to go.

3. Baby's Cot quilt with 3 tumbling bears.

Hold my head in shame I have had this tucked away in the UFO pile for 7 or more years despite many babies being born. I think I can never be bothered to finish it because I mad a mistake in cutting the background to the bear block, cutting it too small. I've done a repair job by putting small blocks either side but having made this quilt several times before I don't like the finished edging. The faces also need to be completed

4. Heart quilt

I made  a lap blanket for my niece Molly and did a second top for my self but never really liked the colouring of the quilt so couldn't be bothered quilting it. Last on the list ..... has been waiting a very, very long time.

Well I haven't looked in the craft cupboard and hate to think what I'll find in there. Definitely more work..See what I can achieve by the end of the year.


  1. i love your hexagon blanket...great long did it take you to make?

  2. I think I started the hexagon blanket in August 2011 and work on it when I'm waiting for the children at various sporting activities. Each hexagon takes between 20 and 30 minutes to complete. For a tutorial that's really easy to follow google Attic 24

  3. I exclaimed - out loud! - when I saw the way you transformed the piccies of the passionflower into a quilt. SO lovely! I really like your other quilts as well, even the baby quilt - it's very whimsical and would be treasured by its recipient because it is made by you. You're very talented.


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