Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Day on the Green 2015

Two weeks ago I spent the weekend up in the Barossa Valley to attend  a music festival "Day on the Green"
I had actually written a post about it and lost it , somehow, when near completion. So I'm starting with the finish of the weekend and I may work my way backwards as time allows.
I thought I would start at Maggie Beer's Farm where her displays of produce in amongst the greenery and Christmas Cheer really made a welcoming sight. There was easily 50 tasting bowls with lovely goodies to taste and of course buy. Pickles , jams , spreads, glazes, ver juice, quince pastes ciders and the lists goes on.
Of course we spent considerable time tasting almost each and everyone of the testers. They were continuously being refreshed so everything looked just lovely. 

This welcoming bouquet was in the toilet and the honey suckle gave a most delicate scent as you entered, better than most scents received when entering a toilet!

Outside wandering around the property a peacock. Not particularly keen on being the subject of my photos as he kept running away

earlier in the morning we drove around the area near our farm stay and of course I took some pickies of the surrounding hills

 And the reason for going to the Barossa, besides wine tasting, to see Paul Kelly and the merri souls.

 Two glam girls sitting up on the hill. A little toasted by the sun.


  1. Although a little toasted, you seem utterly happy. :)

    I like the picures of the rolling hills. Looks very much the same as Tuscany (Italy)

    I had a good laugh this morning with your comment of wanting to adopt my husband. You don't know what you'll get yourself into but please be my guest!

  2. looks like a fabulous fun time to me!!


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