Tuesday, 12 January 2016

The First

Alrighty!  A third of the month has past and not a word have I uttered...Firstly the warmest and best wishes for the new year. Better late than never, and you know I loves ya!
Do you want excuses or should I just get cracking into to this most informative post that i am producing.
Much and little has happened.
Generally I think my life is ho-hum , just the general day to day stuff. Time whizzes by and I dont seem to do anything and then....yep, you guessed it, chaos and heightened activity (particularly when family arrive for Christmas) and there arent enough hours in the day to get it all done.

The first of the year started off very early. My youngest had a cracking  start at the cafe ' in Brighton with a 0630 hours start. Although my husband did volunteer the early morning drive, i was awake anyway and took her. Seeing as i was already up with the birds I decided it would be a good idea to take some photos down at the Patawalonga River.

A very serene start to the new year or so you would think by looking at the glassy waters below

An early morning stretch to limber up and dry of these damp feathers

Not so serene looking to the south. Bushfires once again burning but in the opposing direction to Decembers fires. Makes for a hazy sky in such heat.

 Still not bothered!
Look to the left

Now look to the right
Sifting through the mud for a feed

And a more exuberant neighbour

Idle gulls

Preening duck

Oh how mortifying to be caught on camera!

Im guessing these guys are a cormorant of some sort

Sitting on the fence, the safe thing to do~

 Well that's first of the New Year done and dusted.
More tomorrow as i have been out with the camera. See you soon, stay cool! (That's for all my Aussie buddies whom are roasting in our relentless heat)


  1. happy new year!!! no heat here but we were having very warm weather for quite some time. As always love your bird photos :)

    1. Thanks Karen, I always appreciate that you stop by and share a comment, More birds on the way. xx

  2. How I like the one mortified to be on camera. Pretty birds. All of them.

  3. How I like the one mortified to be on camera. Pretty birds. All of them.


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