Monday, 18 January 2016

Berry Nice

Looking at my arms tonight I see the shredded aftermath of blackberry picking. It made me think of Pink Floyd s song Learning to Fly,,, torn tied and twisted.. well that's what my arms are, but the words are tongue-tied and twisted. Pink Floyd really are fabulous story tellers and project a sense of dream in their songs. Blow you away at least until you are comfortable numb. A balm to the scratches and scars of life, drift to the echoes of drum and guitar on a river of words and music. FaBULOUS  stuff and worth a revisit.

This is not what I expected to be saying about blackberry picking.
The picking, besides the barbs of the thorny bushes, is quite a serene event. I pick on the side of the road as cars go whizzing by. I dress for the occasion and look an awesome sight..... Said she in jest. I have this old long sleeve shirt in orange and thorny plucked jeans that I wear every time. The orange is so that if I fall in the bushes and disappear, and IF someone comes looking for me, I'll be easy to find.... all torn and twisted covered in blackberry stains and torn to shreds! I take a step ladder with me now (Well I did the last time I went ) and will never go without it again. It's amazing the berries you can reach with a little more height. The best of the bush is always out of reach ... but not anymore. Four and a half hours of picking...five buckets of 2.2kg each...major haul! I have now filled every jar I own with jam and have collected mum's supply of jars for jam making. I am also freezing berries and feeding the family fresh berries. And it is only the beginning of the season. More picking on the way providing the weather is not too hot and I can escape for the day!

 A rose amongst the thorns~thistle beauty

I love how the trees are supports for the brambles and berries drape from the trunks and branches. I'm sure its not ideal for the trees but it makes a pretty picture and ideal growing area in the shade for the berries...bigger berries

These berries were ripe the next time I came picking... just waiting for me!

Jam recipe here

See you soon!

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  1. It's a wonder we haven't heard about the mad, berry picking woman on the news. You are a scream. I can just visualise how hysterical you must look. A step ladder hey...what a good idea. Enjoy that jam!!


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