Friday, 22 January 2016

Just The Neighbours

These guys have been raiding the fig tree next door and seem to be getting used to my presence to a certain extent. They've been particularly cheeky and flying low and swoop past on their trajectory into the trees.


  1. Gosh, you have an amazing number of beautiful birds visit your neck of the woods. Gorgeous photos. The rainbow lorikeet in the last photo seems to be saying "you looking at me??" A fabulous photo, Mon.

  2. Nice neighbours!
    Your pictures are great. You've captured them in all their glory.

    I am very fond of fig trees. When we are on holidays in the South of Europe, I enjoy the sight. Here in Belgium, winters are too old. Tried twice to plant one in the garden, but both of them died .

    About the birds. My daughter lives in Brussels and her appartment is very close to a park. Apparantly she has flocks of these birds visiting the big trees in her street and the shit on all of the cars parked under the trees. Every time we visit our daughter , the car is extremely filthfy. :)

    In the beginning we could hardly believe her story, since these birds are rather tropical and Belgium is no place for them. But recently I read an article in the newspaper. Her neighourhood is a gathering place for hundreds of these birds, an unique event in our region.

  3. our birds are not very colorful except for cardinals, blue jays, and blue birds. Yours are so very pretty!! I think the bird I like most to watch are the birds of prey. We have lots of hawks that circle about scouting out for their meals :)


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