Monday, 16 November 2015

Entirely Birds

Yep it's me again! An entire post of birds and mostly of the rainbow lorrikeets that hang in my neighbourhood. I've spent a week or so with my neck craned upwards looking at these noisy critters doing their thing in the neighbouring trees. They are chatty little folk that like to start having a natter outside my bedroom window at about 5 am in the morning. They are in full song before 6.30 am, so it doesn't allow for a lot of opportunity to sleep in when not heading off to work.

Morning exercises girls to the right  and then through the legs!

 I love the differing blooms in the eucalyptus trees, and so do the lorrikeets.

and the noisy minor birds

Upside down feeding, just because we can

Aren't these blooms just spectacular!

Cozying  up to someone you love

  Brilliant colour in the ash tree in the late afternoon light

And here's to a hasty exit
God speed to all. 

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  1. Stunning... Love the colors. Especially now our autumn over here slowly proceeds to the dull winter, with little color.


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