Thursday, 1 August 2013

Rainbow Monkey Quilt

 Holidays are wonderful.A bit of extra spare time to be creative in  and ignore all those other impending jobs that you alway feel like you have to do. The recent make of the baby blues quilt made me think that my monkey print would be fun to produce as a rainbow styled quilt. So  I printed up 29 monkeys. An odd number you say! Originally planning a 24 square quilt with a few to spare I didn't really plan the number of monkeys printed (beyond 24) but just used up the last of my black ink. Unfortunately I am a monkey short now.

 Selecting colour was fun. Any bright solid or spotted print that fit in the rainbow. A fat quarter is sufficient amount to piece, so I haven't had to go out and buy any material. The left overs I am thinking of piecing together in odd shaped log cabins

Below the Baby blues quilt finished and bound. Just simple horizontal stripes for quilting. My daughter wouldn't let me cross stripe the quilting. And the teeny tiniest binding ever - which may I say was a pill to sew

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