Monday, 5 August 2013

July Sampler and small adventures

July Sampler

1. rainbow monkey quilt in progress 2. spinach and feta muffins 3.birthday lunch with the girls 4. artwork by Jordy 5.&9. hand printed lotus flower stitching 6. baby blues quilt incorporating hand printed fabrics 7. handprinted thistle fabric in baby blues quilt  8. a day a Hahndorf South Australia with Jordy

An attempt a solar dyeing fabric bundles. These were place on the roof of the pergola for a month with dried eucalyptus leaves and spent roses

Got to say not very exciting results - next time I will steam it to extract more colour and will attempt solar dyeing in the summer months

Leaf imprint from the eucalyptus

A day at Port Adelaide to seen a SALA (South Australian Living Artist) showing. The showing wasnt very exciting but I like the crochet yarn bombing that remained from another event even though it is weather worn. A Little  crochet garden on the wired fence next to the road.

And a scooter yarn bombed complete with tassels!


  1. I never have much luck with dyeing...but i do love the tassels.

  2. Hi, Monique. Not doing any dyeing myself, I'd say you got some pretty good results. Your rainbow monkey quilt is really cool as well as the baby blues quilt. Looking forward to following your creative adventures!
    best, nadia


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