Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Onkaparinga River

Last Saturday I spent the  day at the Onkaparinga River for ski races. 
Being winter the events are held on the river rather than the ocean as competitors were complaining it was too cold. 
Gathering to register - most competitors are from the surf life saving clubs wanting to keep fitness up during the winter months

Under 17 lining up for the start. (Ben is in white)
Once the competitors were out of sight and down the river, we went to the local bakery for coffee and cake.

A friendly onlooker, quite used to human company and didn't seem to perturbed by my coming up to him , less than 2 meters but didn't hang around when a dog raced up the river banks

Op Shopping and buying milkware for my sister. I've had some real luck lately when it comes to white ware.

Making another hot water bottle cover. Haven't really got much to report due to the fact that I was flat on my  back for a while, am now standing tall again and have no pain (thank goodness)


  1. The hot water bottle cover is lovely. the teal and white combination is a favourite.
    You've found some beautiful milk glass pieces. your sister must be getting an amazing collection happening. x

  2. love the photo of the birds! I've never seen anything like them. Our rabbits are like that, I can get within 2 1/2 feet before they run. Bold! Your projects are lovely!


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