Monday, 24 June 2013

Sock in progress

The sock I commenced the other day grew to the heel  but was too long - so I pulled it out until it measured 18 cm ( which is what I should have done) and then commenced the heel area again. The upper part of the sock is easy. My sock looks absolutely huge - but then again I have absolutely enormous feet - size 12C - so my sock really is very long. I cant wait to get my toes into these -soooooo warm, really thick - Enough to make my feet sweat!
I really do hate having cold feet and when I put on my slippers I invariably end up with cold ankles.

I heard in the radio this morning (at 6.15 am) the 50 signs of being old - one of them was taking slippers to your friends house when you have sleepovers. That made me laugh, I must have been born old ! well I'll admit it I'm a creature of comfort and not a style master at all.

The slouch socks as they should be (below). I substituted an elongated double crochet stitch for just a double crochet in the length of the foot,  other than that followed the pattern faithfully. (Its another pattern from the art of crochet magazine that I picked up for next to nothing) I'm having fun trying new stitches and think I will make a second pair of sock. One to wear, one to wash.

I was in Typo paper store tonight on the way home from work and snaffled up a bargain - more drawing books at a steal $2 each (normally $20) so I grabbed 5. That'll keep me and Jordy busy for a while!
Back to sock making. Stay Toastie!

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